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  The Way of ComplacencyThe Way of Complacency
Susan Palwick challenges readers to reflect on the Stations of the Cross and to recognize our own complacency.
  He Knows My NameHe Knows My Name
Dr. Scott Morris encourages us to know each other well in order to move farther along the journey to wholeness.
  Fearing Death, Dying AloneFearing Death, Dying Alone
Bill Holmes reflects on fear as a normal part of facing death alone and on the promise of God's presence.
Larry Kinard discusses the importance and seeming simplicity of caring for his wife and the identity he has found in that priority.
  Peace Corps Closure Opens Door to the FuturePeace Corps Closure Opens Door to the Future
Judy B. Smith reflects on the end of her and her husband's service in Armenia.
Recently Featured
  Summer 2014: Joy, Humor, HealingSummer 2014: Joy, Humor, Healing
Explore the current print issue of Church Health Reader.
  Sabbath in the SuburbsSabbath in the Suburbs
MaryAnn McKibben Dana, a writer and pastor, reflects on her year-long experiment with intentional Sabbath keeping.
  The Seventh-Inning StretchThe Seventh-Inning Stretch
Much like Sabbath, David Waters sees baseball's seventh-inning stretch as relief, rest, and respect for those who are weighted down.
  The Practice of Prayer ShawlsThe Practice of Prayer Shawls
A Q&A with Victoria A. Cole-Galo, who is co-founder of Prayer Shawl Ministry and co-author of the best selling Prayer Shawl Companion books.
  Creating a Time AwayCreating a Time Away
Ellen Morris Prewitt reflects on her experiences with a writing group uniting the homeless and the housed.
Areas of Interest
Devotions, Liturgy resources, and slideshows
Recipes and reflections on healthier eating.
  Recommended ReadingRecommended Reading
Book reviews and recommendations from notable people.
  Walking & RunningWalking & Running
Programs and reflections on walking and running.
  Clergy HealthClergy Health
Encouragement for pastors and the congregations who support them.
Resources on pregnancy, infertility, family life, miscarriage and more.
  Faith Community NursingFaith Community Nursing
Caring for the health needs of a congregation.
Conversations and resources about addiction and recovery.
  Model for Healthy LivingModel for Healthy Living
Stacy Smith and Laura Todd discuss ways to introduce the Model for Healthy Living to your congregation.
Print Issue Archives
  Winter 2013: Faith & CancerWinter 2013: Faith & Cancer
Bill Holmes, Stacy Smith, Susan Palwick, Scott Morris and others discuss faith and cancer.
  Fall 2013: Sabbath LivingFall 2013: Sabbath Living
Sabbath explored by Scott Morris, David Waters, MaryAnn McKibben Dana, Kirk Byron Jones and others.
  Summer 2013: Food, Faith & CommunitySummer 2013: Food, Faith & Community
Shannon Jung, Noah Campbell, Father Leo Patalinghug, Heather Young, Michele J. Barrett and others explore food, faith and community.
  Spring 2013: The Model for Healthy LivingSpring 2013: The Model for Healthy Living
A look into The Model for Healthy Living with Daniel G. Deffenbaugh, Deborah Patterson, Susan Palwick, Bill Holmes, and Barbara Wheeler-Bride.

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