Your Faith. Your Health. Your Community.
  Managing PainManaging Pain
Although the pain of cancer has a purpose, don’t let anyone tell you that pain is not pain.
  Pilgrim's IllnessPilgrim's Illness
Jim Forest describes the spiritual journeys of the sick & the dying.
  Living with AsthmaLiving with Asthma
When we call on God to lead us, to heal us, to be with us, we are asking that we be able to breathe freely and fully.
  Alzheimer's and FaithAlzheimer's and Faith
Christians often tend to think of this disease primarily as a ‘health’ problem, which has little spiritual significance.
  Care for Your CaregiverCare for Your Caregiver
When you’re ill, it’s really easy to be consumed with your own needs, whether physical or emotional.
  Mental IllnessMental Illness
There is nothing worse for Christians with mental illness to be told that our problems are our own fault.
  Be Careful What You Wish For
We learn certain lessons and grow through the sufferings we experience.
  Living with Chronic Illness
Finding the grace of God's love helps me deal with chronic pain.
Diseases & Conditions
  Model for Healthy LivingModel for Healthy Living
Read more about the Church Health Center's holistic approach to disease.
  Alzheimer's Disease
Articles, resources, and books on Alzheimer's disease.
Articles and resources on asthma.
Articles, books, resources, and links on cancer and faith.
Articles, books, and links on depression.
Articles, sermons, links, and worship resources on disability.
  Heart Disease
articles and resources on heart disease.
Articles and resources on HIV/AIDS.
  Mental Health
Articles, resources, networks, and links on mental health.
Articles, organizations, and clergy networks.
Areas of Interest
Devotions, Liturgy resources, and slideshows
Recipes and reflections on healthier eating.
  Recommended ReadingRecommended Reading
Book reviews and recommendations from notable people.
  Walking & RunningWalking & Running
Programs and reflections on walking and running.
Areas of Interest
  Clergy HealthClergy Health
Encouragement for pastors and the congregations who support them.
Resources on pregnancy, infertility, family life, miscarriage and more
  Parish NursingParish Nursing
Caring for the health needs of a congregation.
Conversations and resources about addiction and recovery.

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living with disease:  offers encouragement and support to patients, caregivers, and congregations as they tend to the spiritual needs while dealing with disease

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