Your Faith. Your Health. Your Community.
Foundations for Wellness
  What is Wellness?
Wellness is the act of trust and faith in our well-being, no matter what happens to our body or our loved ones.
  Loving God with Your BodyLoving God with Your Body
When we turn to unhealthy things to deal with our emotions or stress, it's like honoring a false god.
  Faith and FoodFaith and Food
The Bible provides a broad range of perspectives on the relation of faith and food.
  Walking as a Focal PracticeWalking as a Focal Practice
Arthur Paul Boers encourages all Christians to begin walking - for physical fitness and spiritual health.
  Abide in MeAbide in Me
Dale Fletcher connects scripture to health and wellness.
  Fair Weather RunnerFair Weather Runner
Running has taught me this: my daily practice of faith (and wellness) is a journey.
Ideas for Wellness
  Model for Healthy LivingModel for Healthy Living
The Church Health Center uses this model as their approach to total wellness.
  Flyer: Heart Healthy Lifestyle (PDF download)
Download this flyer and share these tips with your congregation!
  Fruits and Veggies Flyer (PDF Download)
Gives ideas for adding fruits and vegetables to every meal.
  Walking & Running ResourcesWalking & Running Resources
A complete listing of our walking and running resources.
  Walk & TalkWalk & Talk
The first month of a year-long walking Bible study. Organized by week, this month's topic is "New Beginnings."
Camping as a church is a way to connect with our five senses, with each other and with God.
  Prayerful RunningPrayerful Running
Rev. Roger Joslin talks about he has made the normal practice of running a sacred practice
  Ten Alternatives to a Bake SaleTen Alternatives to a Bake Sale
There are more ways to raise money for a church mission trip or the youth group besides unhealthy, baked goods.
  Your Church BuildingYour Church Building
From church kitchens to those extra classrooms, there are many way to emphasize health throughout your church facility.
Areas of Interest
Devotions, Liturgy resources, and slideshows
Recipes and reflections on healthier eating.
  Recommended ReadingRecommended Reading
Book reviews and recommendations from notable people.
  Walking & RunningWalking & Running
Programs and reflections on walking and running.
Areas of Interest
  Clergy HealthClergy Health
Encouragement for pastors and the congregations who support them.
Resources on pregnancy, infertility, family life, miscarriage and more
  Parish NursingParish Nursing
Caring for the health needs of a congregation.
Conversations and resources about addiction and recovery.

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wellness:  allows you and your congregation to practice faith and prevention - together

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