“I love healinghugs because it’s so hopeful – because you see the process… We so value Hope and Healing International and what they do.”

Jodi King, Love & The Outcome


Jodi and Chris are partnering with Hope and Healing International to bring healinghugs to kids living in poverty with disability. For just over a dollar a day, your healing hug will give a child life-saving, ability-protecting medical care + a cuddly bear to hug during all the tough doctor visits, surgeries and needles.

You can show the love of Jesus in powerful, tangible ways! Join Love & The Outcome and transform a child’s life today.

Meet Bernard
With your support, a child like Bernard with clubfeet will no longer sit on the sidelines while other kids play. With your help, he’ll no longer wince with every step he takes. Thanks to supporters like you, he’ll be able to run, play, have a brighter future.