Partnership Development Team


Meagan Sheppard

Partnership Development Manager

“The most rewarding part of my job is connecting fellow Canadians to children and families in need so these generous, caring people can help transform lives. What could be more impactful, more meaningful, more fulfilling than helping children and families in the poorest areas of the world break free from the cycle of poverty and disability! I’ve always had a deep calling to help children in need, and it’s a blessing and honour to work with partners and donors doing that every day. I firmly believe that every child deserves to feel loved, and that’s exactly what happens through this work.”


Stephen Mathieu

Partnership Development

“Nothing pleases me more than to see the sheer delight on the faces of people here in Canada – people whose investments and prayers are changing lives. I am so blessed to bring back stories and reports of their wonderful, inspiring and life-long impact. On a recent trip to Malawi, I met a nine-year-old boy who had lost half of his hand. Thanks to the generosity of people here, this boy received both physiotherapy and psychological counselling. When I sat down and talked with him, he told me, ‘Now I am the best football player and third-smartest student in my grade.’ The joy I saw in that boy’s eyes, the relief I saw on his mom’s face – that’s what I want to bring back to the supporters I talk to each day. This isn’t just a job. It’s a calling from God.”